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Here I'll reblog mostly Hetalia and things i find funny but there will also be some comic book things, attack on titan, swimming anime and whatever else i feel like reblogging and post some of my art

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aph denmark playing a ukulele shirtless. he doesn’t actually know how to play the ukulele but he heard shirtless dudes with guitars were a big turn-on and worked with what he could find

aph prussia shirtless playing a flute. he’s not trying to impress anyone it’s just 3 am and he’s lost control of his life




Thranduil, ruler of the hick elves of Mirkwood. 

This is how Rivendell and Lothlorien elves see Mirkwood.

#lotr #the hobbit




you tellin me mangas aint japanese colouring books


George of the Jungle

#george of the jungle #childhood